Nu leder Kina teknikutvecklingen vad som gäller ellok.

On November 1st, the permanent magnet direct-drive high-power AC drive electric locomotive with completely independent intellectual property rights was officially launched in the middle of Datong Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CRRC Datong Company). This is the first time that China has adopted permanent magnets and straight High-power AC drive electric locomotive with drive technology.
On November 2nd, when interviewed by Shanxi Evening News reporter, Zhao Mingyuan, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CRRC Datong Company, said that the permanent magnet direct-drive electric locomotive is after China’s “fast passenger electric locomotive” and “heavy-duty electric locomotive”. In the new breakthrough of the AC electric locomotive field, the total efficiency of the locomotive will increase by more than 3%, and the electric energy can be saved by 200 degrees per hour, and has the remarkable features of low maintenance cost, green environmental protection and quietness.
Permanent magnet direct drive technology for the first time in the field of high-power AC electric locomotives
As a representative of emerging technologies, permanent magnet direct drive technology is recognized as the next generation of drive technology. This is the first time that permanent magnet direct drive technology has been applied to high-power AC drive electric locomotives. After five years, CRRC Datong Company completed the development of the international advanced diaphragm flexible coupling technology, applied it to the prototype development of the eight-axis fast passenger electric locomotive, and completed various performance tests. On this basis, the company actively developed high-power direct drive system, and completed the performance test and reliability test of each component of the direct drive system, which laid a reliable technical guarantee for the successful development of permanent magnet direct drive electric locomotive.
The total power of the permanent magnet direct-drive electric locomotive is 7200KW, and 6 high-power permanent magnet synchronous traction motors are installed. The locomotive efficiency will increase from 85% to over 88%, which obviously enhances the running performance of the locomotive. “The existing locomotive development technology is very mature, and every 1% increase in operating efficiency means a leap in key components and core technologies. The permanent magnet direct-drive electric locomotive is a successful application of cutting-edge science and technology in rail transit equipment.” Zhao Mingyuan said.
At the same time, the permanent magnet direct drive electric locomotive adopts the direct drive wheelset technology, which eliminates the traditional transmission gearbox and has a simple structure, which not only effectively reduces the mechanical energy loss, but also maintains the maintenance period of the drive system components up to 2 million kilometers, saving the user. A large number of maintenance costs, product comprehensive economic benefits have significant advantages.
Green, quiet and obvious features
Taking Harmony 2 high-power AC drive electric locomotive as the platform, CRRC Datong Company has carried out in-depth research and development of leading technology and high-end locomotive products. The permanent magnet direct-drive electric locomotive uses the hollow shaft flexible plate coupling as the bogie drive structure. This new drive structure is not only light and reliable, but also achieves a “steel” connection as a whole, avoiding improper handling of gearbox oil and rubber.
The damage is more green. At the same time, the noise of the locomotive is lower than that of other AC electric locomotive products by more than 15%, and the driver's cab is quieter and the mute effect is obvious.
Bionic aesthetics + ergonomics "outside to inside" for comfort
The appearance of the permanent magnet direct-drive electric locomotive is designed according to the bionic aesthetics. The overall line is smooth and light, and it is beautiful and generous with the chasing of two lush vines. The interior of the driver's car is mainly composed of "ergonomics", and a large number of arc and curved structures are used. The shape is smart and lively. The console is made of aluminum alloy, the glass reinforced plastic is the countertop, and the iron-nickel alloy is the floor. The bearing strength and wear resistance are higher, and the sound insulation performance is better, which brings comfortable and convenient driving feeling to the passengers.
Guo Shengqing, chairman and party secretary of CRRC Datong Company, commented that CRRC Datong Company, as a core subsidiary of CRRC, continued to strengthen the research and development of high-end electric locomotive products, improve product quality and technical service support capabilities, and actively promote the continuous development of China's railway equipment construction. Achieving new achievements.
Shanxi Evening News reporter Guo Bin