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Ämne: Länk: First Look: Amtrak/Alstom Acela II - Många bilder

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    feb 2018
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    Länk: First Look: Amtrak/Alstom Acela II - Många bilder

    "The TGV-based “Avelia Liberty” articulated transits are expected to enter NEC revenue service in early 2023. They have two compact power cars eight articulated intermediate trailer coaches and one centrally located non-articulated café car Certified for operations at up to 186 mph (300 kph), they will operate at a maximum speed of 160 mph on the NEC. Railway Age has covered the trainsets’ manufacturing at Alstom’s Hornell, N.Y. plant and toured an interior mockup in previous articles; this was the first time we’ve seen a completed unit. Suffice to say the overall design and amenities are a vast improvement over the existing Acela trainsets."


    Tillagt denna bild.
    Vad ska man välja när man vill ha en stor stark kaffe?

    Bilden "saxad" från Railway Age.

    Senast redigerat av BD den 2022-05-25 klockan 10:28:07.

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