"Caveat: I am a free-market capitalist who believes in the importance of trade to elevate global prosperity. I believe in comparative advantage, and how countries excel at the supply of certain goods and services, to the benefit of others. I now believe that there needs to be market boundaries, for the long-term health of entire industries and the well-being and security of our citizens.

I have been travelling to China throughout my entire 40-plus year career, and have seen first-hand China’s evolution in the rail supply industry. Its ambitions are to dominate the global rail rolling stock supply chain: passenger/transit, and now freight.

China, specifically CRRC (China Rail Rolling Stock Corp.), is a clear and present danger to the health of the North American rail and rail supply industry, and the thousands of people who rely on it for their livelihoods and high standard of living. That is a very bold statement, but here is why I now believe it to be true:"

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